Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Morning: Lights On

Unless Pepco puts power lines underground, the District of Columbia will remain especially vulnerable to prolonged power outages. During the recent Cleveland Park area power outage, courtesy of tropical storm Nicole, we had a chance to test several power failure lights and one came out a clear winner: The Durofix LED light. It's bright and it lasts 8 hours, unlike many other emergency power lights that either are too dim or go dark after 20 minutes.

But sunset tonight isn't until 6:38pm, so in the absence of a weather-induced power failure (none are on the horizon, phew), you probably won't need a power failure light right away. And speaking of the weather, how does low to mid-70's and no rain through Sunday sound? We're in that magical season --weather twilight-- when we don't need to have the air conditioning or the heat on.

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