Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Morning: We Need the Rain

Today will bring the first chance of rain in a while. On Tuesday we'll see the mercury in the mid to upper 70's with mix of sun and clouds and a 30 percent chance of rain, possibly in the form of thunderstorms. We need the rain, right?

Three of the top 20 questions asked of Google yesterday, Columbus Day, were about whether or not the Post Office is closed on Columbus Day. Columbus Day is probably the least holidayish of all American holidays. If you follow Twitter, you'll see that a lot of people worked yesterday -- but not postal workers or other Federal employees.

We should reevaluate Columbus Day. After all, Columbus not only didn't discover America, but was brutal and promoted slavery. History is history and facts are facts: Columbus not only only was involved in slavery, but helped sell 10-year-old girls into slavery (among other bad things). Not the the best historical person for a national holiday. One suggestion is to add or replace Columbus Day with a holiday celebrating Native Americans.

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