Monday, October 11, 2010

Washington Tweets

by Bill Adler

Washington tweets. A lot. The Washington Tweets column is a collection of the most interesting, recent Washington-area tweets. These tweets reveal a candid and fascinating portrait of what is on our collective minds: Twitter gives a snapshot of what we're doing, thinking and hoping for as a group. Washington Tweets is Washington in the raw. Bill Adler tweets at @billadler.

At Paragon Thai restaurant in Cleveland Park a Secret Service agent is checking the joint for security. High-powered dinner party @ 6:30

Only 1 in 10 offices observes Columbus Day... are they all in DC??

It's 645AM in DC and the beltway is already packed. These east coasters sure like to get up early.

The idea of Congresscritter who flies home every weekend is fairly new. It used to be that Congressmen moved families to DC.

Bouta just take a nap and see what happens when i get up

Get out & enjoy the 80s Columbus Day in #DC! Keep an eye out 4 "Transformers" along the way, they R filming this week!

Dear 495 DC beltway, we are not going to be friends when I move here. Love, A

@mishicollin Congrats on the new little one! Looks just like you! Now I see why u stopped tweeting as soon as I started following you!

In honor of Columbus Day I have discovered the land known locally as "Washington, DC" and have claimed it for the Republic of Chile! Wepa!

@discaslutt: lol @ my ex-bf making all his friends defriend me on fbook. #weirdo

Columbus day not even a real holiday. Only people out is the federal govt and dc schools.

I wish they had speed dating in DC, used to love going to that with the girls.

Toronto's traffic (this weekend anyway) is worse than DC's, and the left lane is always the slowest. I can't wrap my head around this.

Awesome day for the waterfront in #DC ! Find local hotties for dating and matchmaking today

Not in DC 5 mins before I sprain an ankle and scrape my knee. Two museums to go. Ouch

Where can a girl get wifi and lunch in Adams Morgan?

So how did I end up at dupont circle?

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