Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Open Invitation to the Parties to the Giant-Zoning Appeal Lawsuit

I'd like to invite anyone who is a party to the appeal of the Zoning Board decision regarding the Giant development project to write a guest column for All Life Is Local about what the court filing hopes to accomplish.

There has been a lot of rumor, innuendo, and accusations posted in the comments section on All Life Is Local about the Giant, and I think that it would benefit everyone to know the facts. While a guest column describing the reasons and objectives of this lawsuit won't end the controversy, it may end some of the speculation. 

I'm a strong supporter of the Giant's project, and I haven't been shy about expressing my views. And there's no doubt that this column will generate sharp comments, as my columns have. As have columns on other forums and email lists. But I would very much like to give all sides a chance to offer their opinions. 

If you're interested in writing this column, please contact me at the email address to the right or via the Cleveland Park Listserv's contact page.

Bill Adler
All Life Is Local

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