Friday, October 1, 2010

Power Out in Parts of Cleveland Park

Update, 3:15pm:  Pepco's recorded announcement says power will be back up by 4pm.  The Pepco workers on the scene say tomorrow morning.  In a cascading fashion, the tree that came down took six or more power line poles with it, like a tug-of-war rope being pulled.

Update, 2:40pm: RCN internet is out in parts of Northwest DC because RCN's area server has no power.

Update, 1:50: Pepco currently estimates that it will be at least until Saturday morning before power is restored. Pepco is trying to isolate the line, so that power can be restored to some homes before then.  Tree that feel and caused the outage is on Newark Street, NW.

The power is out in parts of Cleveland Park.  At around 11:30am a power line came down at Newark Street and Highland Place, NW, knocking out electricity in parts of the neighborhood. The power line fell onto a lawn and caused a minor fire.

The Fire Department has responded and is waiting for Pepco.  In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Nicole, it may be a while before Pepco can restore power.

We will post updates when we have them.


  1. Power has been restored in parts of Cleveland Park west of 34th Street. Traffic is a mess though.

  2. Another reason to put those wires underground. Mary Cheh and PEPCO, hope you're listening.