Friday, November 5, 2010

Attempted Carjacking in Brookland

There was an attempted carjacking in Brookland last night. Here is the chilling account of what happened. It ended okay --nobody was hurt and the car wasn't stolen-- but the bad guys had a gun and the outcome could have been very different.  One of the possible reasons that this location was chosen by the carjackers is that it was dark -- not only because it was night but because the street light was out.
File this under I never thought it would happen to us. Two individuals attempted to carjack my husband with a gun right in front of our house tonight. He turned and ran down the street, they thankfully did not give chase. He called 911 and cops came right away. While he was with the cops, an attempted carjacking happened elsewhere on Monroe, two individuals as well.
The perps hid in our ally, which has been without a light for a week. I called the mayor's call center last week to fix it. Is there anyone on this list who can help me get that done now? Between this incident and the attempted house break-in a few months ago and the ongoing prostitution issues, my little neck of the woods is becoming a bit dicey for me.
This happened on Monroe Street, NE between Rhode Island Avenue and Clinton.
Neighbors, be safe out there and keep your porch lights on.

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