Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Morning: It's the Start of a Short Week - Yay!

It's going to be a bit warmer today than it was on Sunday.  Look for partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the lower 60's.

Are you flying this week? And if you are, have you decided if you're going to opt out of a full body scan if selected for one, and choose a pat-down instead? And if you're not flying, what do you want your family members who are flying to do? Having to choose between possible dangerous radiation and being groped by a TSA agent isn't a pleasant choice. As we've written about before, passengers who are disabled or who have something artificial in or on them because of a cancer, may have it the worst when it comes to being patted down. Read about what happened to a bladder cancer survivor when the TSA screener broke his urostomy bag during a pat-down.

Kids have it bad, too, as evidenced by this clandestine video which shows a little boy having to take off his shirt during a pat-down. This video makes my blood boil. 

As District of Columbia residents we don't have any voting representative in Congress to write to. But we can sure as hell opt-out on National Opt Out day.

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