Monday, November 22, 2010

Locations of Neighborhood Cameras In DC

Here are the locations of police surveillance cameras in the District of Columbia. If (and we hope not) you're ever assaulted or robbed near one, chances are that there's a visual record of what happened.

CCTV – Locations of Neighborhood Cameras
Following are the locations of the CCTV cameras designed to combat crime in DC neighborhoods:
Location (Ward 1)Ward  Disrict
14th & Girard Streets, NW13
2400 block of 18th Street, NW (north of Belmont, across from alley)13
Georgia Avenue & Morton Street, NW13
1400 block of Oak Street, NW13
14th & W Streets, NW13
14th Street & Columbia Road, NW13
17th & Euclid Streets, NW13
Sherman & Harvard Street, NW13
200 Block of V Street, NW13
9th Street & T Street, NW13
Kalorama Road & Champlain Street, NW13
Location (Ward 2)Ward Disrict
Wisconsin Avenue & P Street, NW22
5th & O Streets, NW23
1400 block of R Street, NW23
7th & O Streets, NW23
5th Street & N Street, NW23
11th Street & N Street, NW23
7th & O Streets, NW21
600 block of I Street, NW21
Location (Ward 3)Ward Disrict
Wisconsin Avenue & Albemarle Street, NW32
Connecticut Avenue & Porter Street, NW32
Location (Ward 4)Ward Disrict
1st & Kennedy Streets, NW44
5th & Kennedy Streets, NW44
14th & Kennedy Streets, NW44
3700 block of Georgia Ave NW44
7th & Kennedy Streets, NW44
4th & Shepherd Streets, NW44
14th & Quincy Streets, NW44
4th Street & Blair Road, NW44
6th Street & Riggs Road, NE 44
Location (Ward 5)Ward Disrict
14th Street & Saratoga Avenue, NE55
21st Street & Maryland Avenue, NE55
1200 block of Meigs Place, NE55
1700 block of Lincoln Road, NE (by Randolph Place, NE)55
3700 block of 12th Street, NE (by Otis Street)55
3700 block of 12th Street, NE (by Perry Street)55
1st & O Street, NW55
4th & W Street, NE55
18th Street & M Street, NE55
18th Place & M Street, NE55
North Captiol Street & Seaton Place, NW55
1800 block of Benning Road, NE5/61/5
Bladensburg Road & Neal Street, NE55
Holbrook & Neal Streets, NE55
Staples & Oates Streets, NE55
1500 block Levis Street, NE55
Trinidad Avenue & Meigs Place, NE55
Montello Avenue & Morse Street, NE55
Trinidad Avenue & Mt. Olivet Road, NE55
Montello Avenue & Mt. Olivet Road, NE55
Montello Avenue & Queen Street, NE55
Location (Ward 6)Ward Disrict
100 block of M Street, NW (by First Place, NW)61
1500 block of 1st Street, SW (by P Street, SW)61
400 block of 16th Street, NE61
8th & H Streets, NE61
K Street & North Capitol Streets, NW61
18th & D Streets, NE61
15th & East Capitol Streets, SE61
K Street & Potomac Avenue, SE61
4th Street & L Street, NE 61
200 Block of K Street, SW 61
19th Street & Rosedale Street, NE6/71
Location (Ward 7)Ward Disrict
28th Street and Texas Avenue, SE76
4400 block of Quarles Street, NE76
5300 block of Clay Terrace, NE76
300 block of 50th Street, NE76
3800 block of Minnesota Avenue, NE76
4700 block of Alabama Avenue, SE76
1500 block of Kennilworth Avenue, NE76
5100 block of Fitch Street, SE76
5000 block of Benning Road, SE76
5000 Block of Call Place, SE76
18th Street & T Street, SE 76
Location (Ward 8)Ward Disrict
1500 Block of Butler Street, SE87
2600 block of Birney Place, SE87
2400-2500 block of Elvans Road, SE (A)87
2400-2500 block of Elvans Road, SE (B)87
13th Place & Congress Street, SE8
Ainger & Langston Places, SE
Wheeler Road & Bellevue Street, SE87
2300 block of Pitts Place, SE
Congress Street & Savannah Place, SE8
Stevens & Wade Roads, SE8
14th & Good Hope Road, SE86/7
4200 Block of 4th Street, SE87

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  1. I guess here in our place the government should have that police surveillance cameras also along the streets.