Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Morning: Wake Up and Smell the Bushes

Today will be another classic autumn day: Sunny, crisp, cool, with lows in the 40's and highs in the upper 60's. Leaf collection isn't yet in full swing, so you'll still have a chance to get out and enjoy the colorful carpet. On Sunday it will be a little cooler with a few clouds, but still a get-out kind of day.

Yesterday morning we talked about the news that former President George Bush in his just released memoir admitted to giving the order to waterboard, a potential crime (though whether anything comes of that remains to be seen.) If you're thinking of buying Bush's book, you may already have read parts in other books. According to the Huffington Post, passages of Decision Points were lifted from other books.

Sorry to get your brain in gear so early in the morning, but we had to share.


  1. Is that the "B" from Brookville Market?

    And who's surprised about George stealing passages from other books? I bet he doesn't even know what "memoir" means, probably thinks it's a piece of furniture.

  2. Good eye: The "B" is from the Brookville supermarket sign. I'm anxiously awaiting the reviews of Bush's memoir in the Times and Post.