Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hold Your Thursday Trash Till Friday

Because Thursday is a Veteran's Day there's no trash or recycling pickup. Pickup slides a day on all Federal holidays. (Which isn't nearly as disruptive as when trash and recycling pickup slides a week after a snowpocaplypse.)  If your trash gets picked up on Thursday, put out your cans for a Friday pickup; if your day of trash is Friday, you'll see the recycling and trash trucks on Saturday.

While trash and reycling will not be picked up on Thursday, leaves will be picked up. So get those leaves ready so that we can wave 'bye to this year's leaf blower season.

Between Monday, November 8 and 20 (including Veterans Day), DPW will collect leaves from “Area A” neighborhoods as designated in the leaf collection brochure mailed to households. Area A residents should rake their leaves into their treebox spaces this weekend to be ready for their collection cycle. To view DPW’s trash and recycling holiday schedule for the remainder of the year, click here or call 311. You can use DPW’s web site to view the 2010-2011 leaf collection schedule by selecting Leaf Collection and clicking on Check Leaf Collection Status in Your Neighborhood and entering in your address.

Oh, and it's Free Parking on Thursday everywhere in DC.

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