Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bomb Scare Tuesday in Cleveland Park

There was an apparent bomb scare in Cleveland Park Tuesday evening at the Giant supermarket at Wisconsin and Newark Street. Here are the three reports from the Cleveland Park Listserv:

As of 5 pm [Tuesday] police are blocking off the first block of Newark west of Wisconsin and telling everyone in no uncertain terms to get out of the area, but wouldn't explain why. Any idea what's going on?
One neighbor tells me that a policeman told him he couldn't go towards it, "unless you want to get blown up," so he thinks it was a bomb scare.
There was a bomb scare at the Giant yesterday evening. Someone I know parked in the lot, ran in the store without her coat just to grab something and then couldn't get back to her car. The bomb squad truck arrived about 5:25pm.

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