Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recommended: Plumber

Our companion email list, the Cleveland Park Listserv, is a treasure trove of recommendations. We want to share on All Life Is Local, on a periodic basis, the best recommendations that have been posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv. You'll be able to search All Life Is Local for "contractor," "plumber," "computer tech," "auto body shop" -- whatever you need. The search box, in case you have trouble finding it, is to the right and down a bit.

If you are in need of a plumber, this is to highly recommend Guillermo Diaz, whom I learned of thanks to this listserv. We recently returned from a short trip to find that a small leak in a second floor pipe was causing water damage to the ceiling below it. I called Mr Diaz at 9:00 am on Friday morning and he was able to come to our house at noon.  After a lengthy search he was able to find the apparent source of the leak. He then returned this morning with the necessary pipe and tools and spent several hours carefully replacing the defective pipe. He was extremely conscientious and pleasant, and at $75/hour his service is a great deal. Apparently Mr. Diaz is considering setting up his own business --he works for a larger plumbing firm and does projects on the side - so I encourage people in the neighborhood to use him.  I have two numbers for him: 410-253-8097 and 202-431-7273.

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