Saturday, November 6, 2010

Recommended: Stucco Repair

Our companion email list, the Cleveland Park Listserv, is a treasure trove of recommendations. Need a plumber at 10am on Sunday or an electrician who can wire up your home fusion reactor? The Cleveland Park Listserv will let you find that person.

We want to share with you, on a periodic basis, the best recommendations that have been posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv. You'll be able to search All Life Is Local for "contractor," "plumber," "auto body shop" -- whatever you need. The search box, in case you have trouble finding it, is to the right and down a bit.

For a recent repair on the exterior of our stucco-clad house, as well as for repair to plaster moulding on the interior, we used 8 Brothers (Oscar Amurrio), which does specialize in stucco. While the true test of the repair will be no-leaks-for-many-years, I can say that our experience with 8 Brothers was very good. Their number is: 202-333-3099.

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