Monday, December 13, 2010

Credit Card Thief at Takoma Aquatics Center

Reported on the Takoma Park Listserv:

A credit card thief is working the Takoma Aquatics Center.

Saturday morning, December 11, between 10:30am and 11:00am somebody broke a padlock off locker 562 in the men’s locker room and helped himself to my wallet while I was swimming with my 3-year-old.

I lost about $40 in cash, two debit cards and one credit card.

This is the third such crime in as many weeks at this location.

All three of my cards were swiped at Best Buy in Wheaton around 11:20am. There were four transactions in total, one of which was rejected. The three charges that went through were worth more than $1,500 in total.

Here’s the good news: Officer Israel James of the Metropolitan Police Department, currently detailed to the 4th District, is all over this. He met me at the Aquatics Center and took a full report. Officer James had me call the credit card companies so that he could gather all available information about the fraudulent transactions.

Here’s the bad news: I was the third victim in three weekends. That’s what Officer James and I learned from Mr. James Morrison, the manager on duty today at the Takoma Aquatics Center. Officer James admonished Mr. Morrison to post signs and to engage patrons so that everybody is aware of the problem.

Officer Israel will be coming around the Aquatics Center to keep an eye on things. He’s also going to contact the Montgomery County Police regarding the fraudulent charges made at Best Buy in Wheaton.

Officer Israel asks that all users of the Aquatics Center keep an eye out for suspicious activity and call 911 if you have something to report.

Theft is always a bummer, especially when you have to explain it to a 3- year-old. But I must express my gratitude to Officer James for a prompt and highly professional response.

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