Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homeowners: Be On Guard for Burglar Posing as Interested Buyer/Renter

This burglary alert comes from the Barnaby Woods/Hawthorne neighborhoods, from Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Carolyn "Callie" Cook (ANC 3G-01), who received it directly from one of the burglary victims:
There is a woman going by the name of Kathy Griffin who has been seen in the neighborhood and is a possible member of a burglary ring. She is a white female approximate age 53, 5'4" and 140 pounds, brunette hair. She was seen looking into side and back windows on Western Avenue on November 29 and the early days of December. She was driving a white sedan with Virginia plates.

She approached me pretending to be a renter needing a room to rent. She stayed only 30 minutes and then left saying her allergies were bothering her, although there was no evidence physically of any allergies. After she left, I noticed a laptop was missing and $100 in cash was gone.

It is unknown whether she is armed. While in my house she spent the whole time talking on her cell phone. Now I believe she was talking to other burglars while she cased the house. Earlier in the week, I saw a female looking into windows and I believe that was her as well.

The police have been investigating the burglary and believe she fits the profile of a female who was part of a burglary ring in the neighborhood in the past.

Please be on the lookout for "Kathy Griffin".

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