Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Quest for Sleep

How about a good night's sleep? A perfect night's sleep, where from the moment your head touches the pillow to when the alarm sounds, all you feel and know are mellow dreams of beaches and snow-covered mountains. And when the alarm sounds, you wake up so refreshed, coffee isn't even in your thoughts.

Join us on Quest for Sleep, a new blog about exploration of sleep and insomnia, with a single destination in mind: a good night's sleep.

What's different about Quest for Sleep? There's no lack of information about getting a good night's sleep, but most of this information is one-size-fits-all: Do this or do that and you'll sleep better. But getting to sleep and staying asleep doesn't work that way. Using your bedroom only for sleep and sex (a prescription frequently offered) may work for some people, and may be impractical for others. Dimming the lights throughout your house or apartment might do the trick for some, but for others that advice might be as effective as a cup of coffee after several sleepless nights. Dialing down the temperature is something that helps some people; others just shiver all night long. Some people do well with medication, and others find that Ambien, Lunesta and other drugs turn them into perpetual zombies.

Quest for Sleep explores the paths that we can take to get to sleep and stay asleep. The destination is a good night's sleep, but how we get there makes the difference between success and failure. Visit Quest for Sleep at

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