Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Suspicious Activity in Brookland

This just in from Brookland, as reported on the Brookland listserv...

We are on Upshur Street in Michigan Park near the Woodridge and Brookland borders. I recall a few recent notes of break-ins in the community and seem to recall someone mentioning the individuals were casing homes posing as lawn service. This morning a man came up to our door and rang the bell. My husband answered (we are both home during the day) and the man asked if we would like to have our leaves raked. My husband actually said "yes." The man left however, without raking. In hindsight, my husband says the man was not really dressed for raking.

I hate to be so suspicious; maybe this person just didn't feel like raking our leaves after all, maybe something came up, or maybe he plans to come back. But I'm left with the uneasy feeling that he was casing houses. We reported it to the police, and I wanted to send out the alert to all of you as well to be extra careful and be on the lookout. I'm feeling bad about being suspicious, but wanted to share because it seems pretty obvious that something is off.

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