Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car Stolen in Shepherd Park Neighborhood

This just in from the Shepherd Park listserv: A District resident had her car stolen while it was warming up, driverless. Idling cars are not just bad for the environment, but they make your car an easy target for thieves. Here is the firsthand account of this particular car theft:
This morning (Saturday), our car was stolen in front of our house as my husband and children were approaching to get into it. Patrick had just finished cleaning off the sidewalk and car and left the car on warming up. He just walked up to our stoop to put the shovel there and the kids were walking down the steps when a Ford Explorer pulled up, the passenger hopped out of it and jumped into our car and sped away. 
The police told us that there had just been two house robberies in the area and it was likely the thieves were looking for an alternative getaway car. He also told us that thieves have been casing neighborhoods in the mornings looking for these types of opportunities. With the cold weather, I know many of us do exactly what we did this morning -- let the car warm up for awhile before getting into it. And, many of us actually go back into the house while the car is warming up. What is extra scary about our situation is that the thieves were bold enough to do it with my family actually outside heading towards the car! 
So be extra cautious.  It's better to suffer the cold for a little while rather than be a victim of a crime.

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