Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Safety Forum on February 1

On Tuesday, February 1, find out what’s new on Connecticut Avenue, NW. The Cleveland Park, Chevy Chase, Forest Hills, and Woodley Park Citizens Associations are jointly hosting a forum on current traffic and pedestrian safety initiatives concerning Connecticut Avenue from Calvert Street to the Chevy Chase Circle.

The Forum will be held in the Kogod Chapel at the Adas Israel Congregation, 2850 Quebec Street, NW (near the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Porter Street, NW) at 7:00pm. Adas Israel is easily accessible from the Cleveland Park metro. Additionally, free parking is available in the Adas parking lot located on Quebec Street.

Have you noticed the red, yellow and blue marks on the sidewalks and in the road of Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park? Come find out what they're for and more.

At the forum, panelists will describe the intent and status of their respective initiatives.  The panelists are Marlene Berlin, Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Action, Karina Ricks, the Rock Creek West 2 Livability Study, George Branyan, Cleveland Park Streetscape and Pedestrian Safety Project (DC Department of Transportation), and Andrea Limauro (DC Office of Planning). The panelists will also discuss the relationship and among these initiatives.

In addition, special guests Second District Commander Michael Reese and MPD Traffic Enforcement Manager Lisa Sutter will discuss the ongoing role of enforcement in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers along Connecticut Avenue.

All are welcome. Those attending will have the opportunity to submit written questions for the panelists and special guests. Questions can also be submitted ahead of time to president @ . For more information visit Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Action


  1. Why do questions have to be submitted in advance? Why can't people ask questions from the floor? Why does the format for this forum have to be so controlling?

    It seems that with every Cleveland Park Citizens Association forum, only questions that are submitted in advance can be asked. People don't get to ask questions from the floor. Why not?

    A community organization should allow people to ask spontaneous questions and not have to submit questions for prior approval.

  2. "Why do questions have to be submitted in advance?" Because they don't want to be put on the spot or asked embarrassing questions.

  3. I just went to a forum on zoning sponsored by the Cleveland Park Citizens Association and there were only questions from the floor, nothing in advance, so this must be the preference of some other sponsor...

  4. At the candidate forums that the CPCA has held, they've only allowed questions through the moderator. It's definitely a preference of the Citizen's Association to require screened questions much of the time.

  5. I am the president of the CPCA and I can assure you that in every CPCA meeting this year, we have asked for and encouraged questions from the floor. But Tuesday's meeting is a joint forum. There are four separate Citizens Associations involved and six panelists. We are expecting a large turnout and want to ensure that as many people as possible get a chance to ask questions. So for those people who can not attend, or have a question they know they want asked, they can submit their question ahead of time by following the instructions in the blog post above. For those that attend and think of questions during the forum, we'll have index cards so you can jot the questions down. Spotters will pick the cards up and your question will get asked. It is a system often used in large forums to help prevent a long-winded individual from hijacking too much of the panelists time. I hope you will all come. I am as eager as you to learn about these initiatives, how they will affect us and how (or if) they are being coordinated! Susie Taylor