Monday, January 17, 2011

Getaround Car Share: Better Than Zipcar?

Zipcar is an amazingly innovative and useful car rental/sharing service; even more so now that there are smartphone apps that let you reserve and unlock the car. But has Zipcar met its match with Getaround, a new car sharing service?

Getaround is a peer-to-peer car sharing service that lets you rent out your car when you're not using it. Rather than having your car accumulate dust, you can turn it into a money-making vehicle by signing up with Getaround. And if you're looking for a car, with Getaround you might find one nearby.

Getaround covers all the bases: Insurance, problems with damaged cars, speeding tickets -- they've figured out everything. (Your insurance won't go up, for example; your car is covered under Getaround's master policy while it's being used.)  You find a Getaround car through their iPhone app or via Getaround's website. Getaround provides recommended rental rates, but you're free to choose your own rental fee. The minimum age for renting a Getaround peer shared car is 20.

Getaround is currently in beta testing in California, but if enough Washington area people sign up they may open up shop here, too. You can register here.


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  2. It is very hard to say which is better, is it Peer-To-Peer (no inventory) or With Inventory, both have their benefits. If you look at other areas peer-to-peer is picking up with many sites so definitely something is there. How people will react to this, we still have to wait and see, as this is fairly new. I had used another such peer-to-peer site and was satisfied. I know in Washington the city worked with ZipCar to implement car sharing around the downtown for a cost of $300,000. So don't know if peer to peer can pick up in Washington or not. I feel other companies will definitely target Washington soon. People who are not aware what is Peer-to-Peer car renting, read in wikipedia That is where I found the site and tried it, I was definitely satisfied. I am eagerly waiting to see how others react to this.