Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Turn Your Computer into a Wifi Router and Why You Might Want To

There's a handy, free program that every Windows 7 user can --and probably should get-- called Connectify. What is Connectify and what can it do for you? In short, Connectify turns your computer into a wireless router and hotspot. This can be very, very handy in numerous situations. I've used Connectify in hotels and it shines here. Many hotels require that you pay for each user, but with Connectify you can connect multiple computers to the same hotel wired Internet connection.

As with a regular router, your Connectify hotspot can be encrypted. Unlike a regular router, you don't have to deal with arcane settings; everything you need to do to get Connectify to work is done through the program's easy-to-comprehend software.

You can also use Connectify to extend the range of your home, apartment or office wireless network.

Once you've created a Connectify hotspot you can connect any wifi device, including iPads and other tablet computers.

You can also purchase a portable wireless router, but if you're already taking your Windows 7 laptop, then Connectify might be the perfect software to have installed.

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