Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Deal: Laser Teeth Whitening for $79

When you say "cheese" for a picture, do your teeth pop for the camera like slice of glimmering white Swiss? Or do they take on the yellowy hue of a Kraft Single? If you chose the latter, today's deal will set you up with the right cheesemonger --er, dentist-- to give you a brilliant white smile that is cave-aged quality but at a Velveeta price. Pay $79 and you'll get an in-office Laser White Express Teeth-Whitening treatment from Laser White Express -- a $179 value. You can get today's deal from LivingSocial.

In one visit to the conveniently located downtown office, you will receive a double teeth-whitening session, which includes a high-concentration, non-abrasive gel that penetrates the pores of the teeth, while a whitening laser works to remove deep stains. Today's deal isn't just a 56% savings -- it's the triple crème of teeth-whitening procedures.

Visit LivingSocial for more information.

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