Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Morning: Cold Again

Good morning: Cold, cold, cold. After a low in the 20's or teens (depending on whether or not you live in the city), the high today will be in the upper 30's. (Thursday's high will be in the lower 30's but we don't have to think about that yet.)

Now, as for today's deal: An ergonomic ice and snow scraper for $14.95 (50% off of the regular $29.99 price.) Alas, chances are that you're going to need a snow and ice scraper, and this one is the best. The IceDozer Plus obliterates ice and snow from your windshield so you can get on your way in seconds, saving time and effort. The scientifically engineered IceDozer is big and rugged with the power you need to overcome even thick snow and ice. It comes equipped with three unique and powerful attack surfaces, and the ergonomic PowerGrip handle harnesses the natural strength and motion of your upper body to help you quickly rip through ice.

The plain old ice scraper has a flimsy blade that isn't tough enough for hard ice and a cheap handle that is awkward and tiring to use, plus it breaks easily. However, the most glaring defect is that these scrapers use a flat and inflexible blade to clear ice from curved windshields. As a result, each tedious pass clears just a sliver of glass. You want to do the right thing, but clearing all of the ice is just so difficult and time consuming with these conventional products.

Often in winter, reasonable, courteous people who'd never think of leaving the driveway with worn tires or bad brakes will drive off after scraping just a small portal through the ice. With more than 80% of their visibility obscured, these "peephole" drivers risk not only themselves and their passengers but fellow motorists and unwary pedestrians.

Click here for this deal...and get the Ice Dozer Plus before the next snow.

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