Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dogs Versus Mailboxes and the Case of Stolen Mail

Dogs versus the United States mail: If you use an outdoor, freestanding mailbox because you have a dog that likes to attack the mail when it's put through the slot, you may need to choose between chewed and stolen mail. Here's a report from the Chevy Chase Listserv that indicates that outdoor mailboxes may not be such a good idea in the District:
At about 2pm this afternoon at Nevada and Runnymede there was a theft from a free-standing mailbox (the mail had just been delivered) at a residence on the corner of Western, and then two men took packages from the back of the mail truck parked there. Fortunately a young woman passing saw this happen, and got the tag number and description of their vehicle. Police were called, as were the Post Office supervisors.
We were driving at that intersection right after it happened, and talked to the residents, who are friends of ours. Later we talked to the mail carrier, whom we know quite well, and he told us more details. He said that some residents don't want their mail through the mail slot in the door because their pets chew it.

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