Saturday, February 26, 2011

Newark Street Giant Update (Yes, It's Still Happening)

Here is the latest update on the status of the Giant supermarket and residential/retail complex, which will be located at Wisconsin Avenue and Newark Street. To briefly recap, the modernization of the Giant supermarket has been the focus of a decade long battle in the Cleveland Park neighborhood. Now, after numerous hearings, lawsuits and debate, Cleveland Park will be getting a new, modern supermarket. You can read about the history of the battle here.

Without further ado, here is the update from ANC-3C Commissioner Trudy Reeves:
I have received the following information from Giant's representative:

"Giant is in the pre-development stage for its Wisconsin Avenue site, Cathedral Commons, and does not have a construction start date or schedule at this time. The company's consulting engineering team will be conducting a number of borings as part of its pre-construction geo-technical due diligence. To do this, there will be at least one drill rig on site for about one month beginning in March taking samples at both the north and the south parcels."

Their web site,, has not yet been updated with construction information, but they have told us that when they have information, they will post it.

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  1. Don't make out your shopping list just yet. This project is almost cursed. Wait 'till they start test drilling and find WW I-era mustard gas canisters under the parking lot....