Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recommendation: Contractor

Our companion email list, the Cleveland Park Listserv, is a treasure trove of recommendations. We want to share on All Life Is Local, on a periodic basis, the best recommendations that have been posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv.

I have seen many requests for reliable and reasonably priced contractors come across this service and I wanted to share with you one of my favorites.  I have been a condominium property manager on Wisconsin Avenue for nearly 20 years and as you can imagine, have seen many contractors come and go. To our good fortune, we have been able to retain the services of Daniel Suarez, a licensed DC contractor whose business name is "I Can Do It" as our maintenance supervisor two days a week.  Since Daniel has come on board we have been able to improve our property tremendously and within the confines of a strict budget.  I have given him every job imaginable and he has mastered each and every one.  He is an excellent painter, accomplished plasterer, able to do do brick work, masonry, and waterproofing. He has done quite a bit of bathroom and kitchen remodeling for our residents as well.  He is loyal, competent, reasonably priced, and creative.  We would like to help him continue to succeed in business in order to show our sincere appreciation and continue to retain his unique services two days a week.  If you are interested in his services you can text or leave messages on 240-426-6449.  His wife Norma will call you to set up an appointment. If you have plans to remodel, I sincerely hope you will call Daniel.  I rarely make recommendations, but I have been so impressed by this man's work and capabilities that I am only to happy to share the good news!

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