Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saturday's Possible Federal Government Shutdown and DC Services

A update from the Cleveland Park Listserv about the possible government shutdown:

As everyone knows, the Federal Government may shut down on Saturday. If that happens, it will affect DC residents in a number of ways, none of them good. Here's a partial list of what might happen:
  • No trash collection for the first week of a shutdown
  • Department of Public Works closed
  • DMV would be closed: No drivers license or car tag renewal or other auto-related services
  • Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs closed (no permits issued)
  • Libraries would be closed
  • Smithsonian facilities closed (including the Zoo)
  • No pothole filling
  • All Federal buildings would be closed

Metrorail would operate, but probably with shorter trains. DC public schools and charter schools would be open. Parking enforcement might be curtailed. Emergency services such as police and fire would not be disrupted. Passport applications will probably not be processed.  During the 1995 government shutdown, courts remained opened.

Almost more than anything else, this possible government shutdown shows how District residents are second-class American citizens.

Past is not always prologue, but the 1995-1996 government shutdown lasted 20 days.

If the worst happens, the Cleveland Park Listserv will be available as a resource for coping with this. If you have a problem because of the shutdown, one of our 10,000+ members may be able to figure out a solution.  We will provide updates when they are available.

There will also be updates on the District Government's website,, DC Cable channel 16 and by calling 311 starting on Friday. You can view the city's shutdown plan here (opens a PDF).

Bill Adler and Peggy Robin
Publishers Cleveland Park Listserv

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