Monday, April 11, 2011

Washington Tweets: Special DC Rights Issue

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This is a special District of Columbia rights issue of Washington Tweets. The budget that Congress agreed to also asserted Congress' power to decide how the District can spend its own taxes. Not Federal taxes, but local taxes earned by District residents. It doesn't get more anti-democratic than that.

DC is not a state and therefore, have no voting rights under the law. Although, unfair, it is the current law. So, let's change the law.

I'd like to point out that DC is larger than WY, which has 2 Senators and a Representative. #statehood

DC and it's residents are the real victims of this budget battle. We're people, not collateral damage.

Unjust that #DC only jurisdiction in US that can't spend own funds in case of #shutdown #taxationwithoutrepresentation

If DC had statehood, we wouldn't be a bargaining chip for Dems and a petri dish for Republicans. #FreeDC

DC shld give up voting rights and start looking to have residents avoid paying state taxes, since we can't spend it, why pay it.

they did so by sacrificing the rights of poor women from DC who have no voting representation in congress. that's never good

Helping DC obtain statehood should be on every DC resident's bucket list.

The "shut down" deal is just another reason why DC needs statehood. I love how "states' rights" republicans interfere with DC local issues

601,723 is the population of Washington DC. None of which have a voting member in Congress and limited local rights.#DCSTATEHOOD

Rome is burning and this country is arguing over abortion funding in wash.dc.cutting 38 billion out of a 14 trillion def is futile.

DC banned from spending own money on abortions 4 low-income women. Sure, that sounds budget related.

the rider that bars DC from using own $ (DC Govt $, not Fed $) 4 abortions

@RepKevinBrady thank you for pointing out that DC residents pay taxes. when will you support democratic voting rights for DC residents?

"Bans taxpayer funding of DC abortions." Was DC thrown under bus to save Planned Parenthood? Need voting rights!

Pathetic budget deal prohibits D.C. from using its own $ for abortion services.

Yes, I'm very very upset right now at the govt over DC voting rights and autonomy. We are a fing colony of Congress. No representation

DC: larger pop then 1 state, more military recruits than 2, more indust wkrs than 6, more gross prdct than 14.#statehood

This budget shows how serious the republicans are about state rights. #DC #Statehood

Republicans "smell blood" because of Democratic cave-in on DC abortion provision, Norton says. Home rule is in jeopardy, she tells WAMU.

DC is barred from using local revenues for needle exchanges or abortions. Congress set home rule on fire & then spit on it.

As usual, #DC home rule & well-being of District residents not a consideration for politicians who actually live among us. Infuriating.

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