Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Versus Winter: It's a Tie

The results are in on our summer versus winter poll: 50 percent prefer winter and 50 percent prefer summer.

Each has something going for it: Winter has beautiful snowscapes. Summer has beach activities. Winter brings a quiet hush to the area, but in summer you can get out and toss around a frisbee or softball.

I like winter. I think snow is pretty, and winter activities such as skiing and making snow angels are fun. Okay, so I'm not crazy about having to clean snow off of the car or having my fingertips freeze while trying to use my iPhone outdoors. But in winter there are no mosquitoes, the morning sun doesn't wake me at 5:30am, and my clothes don't weigh an extra pound because they've absorbed the humidity.

I tried thinking of summer temperatures in Celsius but that never worked: It still feels hot in August.

To be honest, it bugs me when television weather personalities add their editorial comments to an August forecast and say things like, "It will be in the mid-90's and sunny today with no rain; another beautiful summer day." Not so! Any day in the mid-90's, which is usually accompanied by humidity that's also in the mid-90's is not, in my opinion, a beautiful day.

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