Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Anti-Mosquito Tip: An Outdoor Fan

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The sad, unpleasant, itchy truth about mosquitoes is that very few things work to prevent them from turning you into breakfast, lunch, dinner or a mid-day snack. The list of failed remedies that humanity has tried is long indeed: electronic repellers (totally ineffective, despite the clever advertising), citronella candles (works sometimes if you're sitting in the smoke yourself), DEET (sticky and icky), sprays (toxic and effective only for a few minutes), and pet bats (really hard to get that one working.)

Fans, however, are very effective at keeping mosquitoes away. A seminal 2003 study by epidemiologists at the University of Michigan found that outdoor fans work to keep mosquitos from biting. Why? For two reasons. First, a fan disperses your body's carbon dioxide, and it is your CO2 that attracts mosquitoes. Second, a blowing wind makes it harder for those blood suckers to land on your skin.

Here are three outdoor fans that you might want to deploy so you can enjoy your outdoor meals more, and the mosquitoes enjoy theirs less:

O2 Cool Battery or Electric Portable Fan:

Holmes Outdoor Patio Stand Fan:

Lasko 50" Outdoor Fan:

A nice side-effect of an outdoor fan is that it helps keep you cool, too.

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