Thursday, June 2, 2011

Parents: DC's Best Resource for Babysitters

If you're hot to get to one of DC's great restaurants, see a movie, or just get out of the house and the only thing that's holding you back is your pint-sized progeny, then it's the Cleveland Park Listserv to the rescue. In addition to being a great resource for services such as plumbers and electricians, recommendations for doctors and insight into how to get from downtown DC to Dulles in under 30 minutes at rush hour, our companion email list is a great place to find reliable and experienced babysitters.

No longer do you have to sit at home, watching Friends reruns while eating leftover Chinese food. Just hop over to the 10,000+ member Cleveland Park Listserv, then hop over to anywhere you want to be. Sitters post regularly offering their services; or you can post exactly what and when you're looking for somebody.

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