Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reprieve for Verizon's Weather Line...But for How Long?

We know from the outcry following the report of Verizon's Weather Line's cancellation on June 1 that many of you were saddened, and some outraged by the loss of this daily free service.  We are happy to report that, for now at least, the weather line is still alive and kicking.  Try calling 202-936-1212 and you will hear a recording that tells you, effective June 1 (that's today), Verizon "will no longer provide time and weather services." And then, lo and behold, a weatherman reads off the weather as usual.

Washington Post columnist John Kelly, a big fan of the weather service himself, says that this may be just a temporary reprieve. On the other hand, if enough people demand it, Verizon could save the service, which costs the company a mere $800 per month. Or another company --perhaps even the Washington Post-- could step in to take over the service. Either outcome would make our day.

So there still time to let Verizon know how you feel: Send them an email at 

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