Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Washington Tweets: Special Heatwave Edition

Antarctia photo by Bill Adler
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Washington Tweets is usually published on Monday, but this is a special heatwave edition of Washington Tweets. Why a special edition? Because we'll deploy any excuse to stay indoors in air conditioning.

Summer (and it's not even summer yet), how do we love thee? Not so much according to a poll on All Life Is Local. Fifty percent of Washingtonians prefer winter to summer. Consider: half of us would rather shovel snow than deal with the heat and humidity. That says a lot about how unkind May through September can be here.

Really DC? Heat advisory, air quality alert, AND high pollen levels? Why not just punch us all in the face and get it over with??

DC weather reporters, correct terminology is "97, but feels like 'being slowly lowered face first into a steam tray of mashed potatoes.'"

there's a heat advisory today in DC til 8pm n my new tattoos arent ready for submersion n water

It's so hot on this train the tourists are about to spontaneously burst into flames!

7:00...76 degrees, humidity is 2,428 percent, and there is a heat advisory for DC. Can we move the nation's capital to Winnipeg?

I absolutely hate #DC weather in the summer

Up again for another day in the blistering heat of DC.. bring it!! Leaving tomorrow :(

anything blizzard sounds nice about now. DC is around 105 on the heat index today...

woke up to a text from the DC government about a heat advisory warning till 8pm. FML.

Hot: 7 DC Ambulances Out Of Service In Extreme Heat

Hate the DC heat? Imagine what it must have been like in 1925- 100 degrees in early June, 25 years before air conditioners!

Heat wave in DC causes power outages. Crazy huh?

Finished run yesterday in the 90 degree heat and found myself muttering to myself afterwards...Soooo hot in DC

So the power out in parts if DC because of the ....... heat? Really!!??!!?? Explain...

It's 90 degrees in my apartment because brick holds heat. 79 out, but already sticky. And pollen-y.

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