Saturday, July 16, 2011

Save Your Supercan From Theft

What has wheels, is green, and gets used once a week, every week? If you're lucky, it's your Supercan (and its little blue cousin, the recycling bin). But because it has wheels and because it looks like every other supercan on the block, supercans have a way of disappearing.

The ink of ordinary black "permanent" markers doesn't last long, fading after a few weeks of Washington's heavy rains and relentless summer heat. But we've found the perfect and truly permanent way to brand your supercan and recycling bin is to use a metallic marker. Metallic marker ink will outlive your supercan.

Oh, and there's something else you can use a metallic marker for that will make your day: Metallic markers are great for writing on a power brick so that you know what particular technology that brick is powering when you're crawling under your desk. You can actually see what you've written, unlike with an ordinary felt-tipped marker.

Pick up a pack of 3 metallic markers (silver, gold and copper) for $7.44 here

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