Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ask Kelli Is on Vacation This Week

Kelli Miller, the advice columnist for All Life Is Local and the Cleveland Park Listserv, is taking a week off. She will be back next Wednesday, December 21st.

Have a question? You can write to Kelli at advice (at) fastmail (dot) net or via Twitter @askkelli.Your name and email address will be kept confidential.


Kelli Miller, MSW is a therapist, author, and radio personality. Miller was a featured expert for SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 198, the co-host for the TV show Love and Money: The Advice Show, and the advice columnist for Playboy U, and the author of Professor Kelli’s Guide to Finding a Husband. Ask Kelli is published on All Life is Local and the Cleveland Park Listserv on Wednesdays.

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