Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cleveland Park Metro Elevator Out of Service Until May

Here's the latest bad news from Metro:
Service Advisory - Cleveland Park: Entrance Elevator Out of Service for Modernization. Beginning on or about January 5 through early May, 2012, the entrance elevator at the Cleveland Park Station will be out of service for a multi-month modernization project. During this time crews will replace all key components of the elevator to provide more reliable service.
Shuttle bus service will be provided to/from Woodley Park Station. In addition, customers can use Metrobus routes  L1, L2, and L4 to travel between Cleveland Park and Woodley Park.
Is it just us, or does this missive strike you as a bit lacking in information? Maybe even misleading? Is it really "modernization" when you schedule five months of repairs for an inadequately maintained, often broken-down elevator? Perhaps "replacement" is the more accurate term when all the "key components" of the elevator are involved. Also, wouldn't it have been nice to include a brief nod to courtesy in the announcement -- you know the sort of thing: "Metro thanks you for your patience" or "regrets the inconvenience"? Or is that taken as so much boilerplate these days that it's better not to throw it in?

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  1. We are paying today for the misguided concessions made when Metro was designed and constructed. For example, why are there not two elevators at every location? If that had been the rule, then the need to impose extended elevator outages and to use shuttle bus services would have been virtually elminated. So, too, we will be paying in the future when the above-ground Metro to Dulles is out of service because of snow or the increased (but ignored) maintenance needs for above-ground tracks. Haven't we ye learned that being penny wise and pound foolish makes for bad public policy?