Thursday, February 2, 2012

Police to Step Up Patrols Around Windom Place in Response to Reported Crimes

We noticed this dialog about crime on Windom Place on the Second District Police email forum. The citizen's part of the dialog is in red, and Police Lt. Alan Hill's response is in blue.

There has been a troubling amount of crime activity on our block [the 3700 block] of Windom Place over the past two weeks. This is to request increased police patrols.

How is the crime spree on our block being addressed by MPD ?

Last week, when a neighbor witnessed a youth stealing something from a neighbor's car, he called the police. Then, a neighbor was assaulted. Now, it's reported that teenagers armored to break into a neighbors house while she was sleeping upstairs. (They ran when she saw them.)

I wonder if the principals at Wilson and Deal know that some teenagers tried to break into that house. Can MPD check into that and let us know via this forum? 

A few years back, I had to call the police because a large group of teenagers from Wilson was roaming the neighborhood; they came up our alley shouting and throwing stuff. The police said I should let the Wilson principal know about it, so I called her. She was very concerned, said she thought they were Wilson students and that she was going to follow up and address the issue. I was impressed - and pleasantly surprised - that Wilson's (then-) principal immediately assumed responsibility for her students. She also told me that students aren't "allowed" to be in neighborhoods after/during school, (unless of course, they live there or are visiting a friend). That same afternoon, a short time later, a student stabbed another student outside Tenley metro.

I'm truly concerned for our neighborhood. To many crimes have been committed/attempted over the past couple of weeks.

Re: Break-in attempt by teenagers on Windom Place

Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns. We share your concern as the corridors along Wisconsin and Reno Rd have seen increased activity of late. The Metropolitan Police Department deploys officers to both Wilson and Deal schools. At the conclusion of the school day the officers take secondary assignments called "safe passages" routes. The officers are posted in areas blocks away from the schools to assist the students in their travels back home and to help ensure the peace and tranquility of the neighborhoods that they travel through.

I too recognized the peculiar time of day that the youth tried to enter the home you speak of. Officer Michael Fisher has altered his tour of duty and is being deployed to the area at the conclusion of the school day to augment the safe passages program. You should see him on a police motorcycle or cruiser on the edges of the Tenley Circle neighborhoods.

The youth that possibly attempted to steal items out of a car was stopped and identified and the patrol units have been made aware of his activities in the area.

The Commander of the Second District has moved resources to the area in response to the crime patterns we are seeing. Patrol officers have made several stops in the area and have identified several individuals that have arrests for thefts from autos and robbery. These individuals are aware that we are aware of their presence in our community.

MPD works closely with the principle of Wilson and Deal. They are notified whenever one of their students is arrested.

Remember if you see any activity that strikes you as suspicious please dial 911 and let one of my patrol officers come out and investigate it real time. Thanks again

Lieutenant Alan E. Hill
Manager, Patrol Service Area 202
Second District
Metropolitan Police Department
3320 Idaho Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

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