Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tregaron Conservancy Events ... and Dog Policy

The Tregaron Conservancy
We received a letter from the Tregaron Conservancy, the nonprofit community group that oversees the restoration and maintenance of the wooded grounds of the historic Tregaron Estate (whose buildings are now the Washington International School at 3100 Macomb Street NW).

The letter notes the dates of some events over the next few months (see below), but it also contains a plea to neighbors who use the Tregaron grounds as a dog park to keep their dogs on leash.  Here is the relevant part of the letter:
Dogs at Tregaron: While most dogs that visit Tregaron are well-behaved, and countless dog owners have been supportive of the Conservancy's efforts to restore the property, we have had many unfortunate incidents in the past two years: Individuals have been bitten, students have been chased, dogs have attacked other dogs and their owners, and the landscape has been severely damaged.
Because of recurring complaints and problems, and after a great deal of discussion and study, the Tregaron Conservancy's Board of Directors and the Washington International School have decided to enforce the policy that all dogs must be kept on leash while on the Tregaron property. The Conservancy is committed to the safety and well-being of the hudnreds of people who visit Tregaron and the 450 students who attend the Washington International School. In addition, the Conservancy was given this land so that we might preserve, restore, and maintain this important historic landmark. What was nearly a private subdivision for the enjoyment of a few is now open for all to enjoy forever. That can only happen if all of us share in the responsibility to preserve and protect it. While dogs on leash are always welcome, Tregaron must be safe for everyone. We thank you for living up to these objectives we all share by doing your part to make sure the rule is honored.
The Board of Directors
And now the events:

April 7th:  Casey Tree Planting and Community Service event 9am - Noon (Coffee and bagels at 9 with training; lunch for volunteers afterward.

April 7th: Easter egg hunt at 11am, followed by picnic lunch.

May 16th:  "What's Out There Weekend" 9:30am - 11:00am - Historical landscape and architectural tour of Tregaron, with the Cultural Landscape Foundation.

June, exact date TBD: Garden Party at Twin Oaks Estate or WIS mansion.

September, exact date TBD: Geological Tour or Bird Walk.

Mid-October: Talk by renowned landscape historian and author Judith Tankard on "Designing Women: Beatrix Farrand and Ellen Biddle Shipman."

Late October: Haunted Halloween Forest at Tregaron.

To support the work of the Tregaron Conservancy --which will get you on the mailing list for invitations to all of these events-- go to

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