Sunday, April 29, 2012

DC's "Tree Report Card" Issued by Casey Trees: Grade "Incomplete"

Photo by Quarterczar
The Casey Trees Foundation, which has as its core mission the protection and extension of DC's "green canopy," has come out with its fourth annual report card on the state of DC's trees.

Well, we can't pat our little sprouts on the bark and offer them a reward, because, according to Casey Trees, things have been left in an ambiguous state -- the grade is "incomplete."

Click here to see the full report:

Casey Trees Report Card for DC 2011

(By the way, this "report card" is not a simple table with categories followed by a letter grade for each; it's a 24-page, color-illustrated annual summary, with long narratives on a myriad of issues. Somebody at Casey Trees has been doing a lot of homework!)

To see the reports of the previous three years -- which are: "C" from 2010, B- from 2009, and B from 2008), click here: It does appear that DC's trees are going downhill! Time for some tree administration reform, perhaps?

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