Friday, September 6, 2019

Still Life with Robin: Reaching THE REACH

By Peggy Robin

DC is becoming quite the Festival City! We had the fabulous, overflowing, bookiest BookFest ever last Saturday. And this Saturday kicks off a two week extravaganza of FREE Kennedy Center performances to celebrate the opening of the new annex, called THE REACH.

If you haven’t been following along – or watching the building rise like a white sheet bending in the wind along the Potomac River – appearing sinuous beside the stodgy old, pole-propped utility-station-like behemoth that is the original Kennedy Center building – then you can get caught up to speed by reading the architectural/cultural review by Washington Post critic, Philip Kennicott:

I’m posting this column, which normally comes out on Saturdays, a day early on Friday, so that you will have a chance to look over the schedule and pick out shows you want to see and order up free passes. There’s a ton of stuff to see and there are also interactive demonstrations, kids activities, street performances, etc., -- that’s the good news. And now for the bad news: Almost all of the free timed entry passes available for the coming week are gone. And both weekends are completely sold out (if by selling out, the meaning is, all the free passes are taken). But if you act fast, you can still snag some passes for some of the performances taking place during weekdays. Or you can just mosey on down to the Kennedy Center/REACH Festival and see what you can walk into. And ogle the architecture. Get familiar with the layout, Because if you like theater and live performances, I suspect you’re going to be visiting – and taking your out-of-town guests – quite a bit!

The Washington Post put out its own guide called “How to make the most of the 16-day festival celebrating the Kennedy Center’s expansion” -- and I can’t improve on it: The only thing that might be even more useful is The Reach Festival’s mobile app, so that you have all the info at a touch on your smartphone:

May The Reach Be With You!
Still Life with Robin is usually posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Saturdays, but this is the second week in a row that it’s been posted on a Friday, so that it's out before the start of a festival on Saturday.

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