Thursday, June 9, 2022

Get Out! And Join the March for Our Lives on the Mall on Saturday starting at Noon

by Peggy Robin

Saturday's March for Our Lives will bring folks from all over the US to Washington, DC to rally in support of common-sense restrictions on guns that will make it more difficult for those intending mass murder to acquire the weapons to do so. The Get Out! column is normally limited to local-issue events -- but let's not forget that this IS a neighborhood issue as well as a national one. Just a few short weeks ago the shooter who set up a sniper's nest opposite Burke School and fired over 200 rounds terrorized the Van Ness and Cleveland Park neighborhoods for hours, leaving dozens traumatized and several wounded.

The mass shooting events that have occurred in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX since then may shifted our focus away from what happened in here in the neighborhood -- but certainly not for the families directly affected by the actions of the shooter that day.

So the March for Our Lives IS a protest on behalf of those kids and adults affected by gun violence here as well as elsewhere. If you would like to join in, here's what you need to know:

March for Our Lives
Saturday, June 11, 2022 12:00 PM -  2:00 PM 
Washington Monument

Evening event - Saturday, June 11 2022 (unrelated to the March for Our Lives on Saturday -- but highly recommended:

Exhibition at AU Katzen Arts Center: "The Bridge that Carried Us Over"
Opening June 11, 6-9 PM The exhibition runs through August 7

Free and open to the public.

“The Bridge that Carried Us Over” exhibition at the American University Museum-Katzen Arts Center organized by the Macedonia Baptist Church and the Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition (BACC) offers an in-depth look at the historic Bethesda Black River Road community, which thrived from emancipation through its violent displacement in the mid-twentieth century. This exhibition explores the mechanisms by which the transfer of intergenerational wealth, land, and historical memory have been denied to the African diaspora in the United States. On display are contemporary and archival photographs, videos, oral histories, historic documents, original artwork, community heirlooms and artifacts. I’m proud that many of my documentary photographs as well as a new body of work “River Road Burial Grounds” are included in the exhibition. A 125-page catalog will be available.

Also --June is Pride Month!

To find a complete listing of all the events in and around DC for the month of June -- including parades, pop-ups, block parties, festivals, concerts and other performances -- visit

The Get Out! Event of the Week (in this case, it's more than one!) is posted on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Thursdays. 

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