Monday, October 4, 2010

Rent a Friend in DC

Photo by Petr Kratochvil
Rent a Friend. Seriously. If you're in need of somebody to play tennis or go bowling with, somebody to explore Rock Creek Park with or share a dinner with at a new restaurant, and everyone else you know is either away or just working 24/7, then Rent a Friend is exactly what you need. Don't know what to do with that extra theater ticket? Rent a friend and surprise yourself with somebody new.

If you're just looking for somebody new, somebody to broaden your circle, add some pizazz to your life, Rent a Friend can help.

Rent a Friend can also be the perfect antidote to traveling alone: No longer do you have to have dinner by yourself or wander through museums alone during the hours between meetings when you're traveling for business.

Rent a Friend is exactly that: You rent a friend. Friends usually rent for $10 a hour, but the price is negotiable. And, no, this isn't a sex service.

Some of the activities that people explore with new friends via Rent a Friend include hot air ballooning, cooking, dates, hiking, visiting an amusement park, and going to a night club.

Here's bio from one Rent a Friend member, to give you an idea of what you'll find there: "I'm great at business events, functions and parties with friends or co-workers. I really enjoy DC's emerging restaurant scene and especially love travel. I am a straight acting, gay male, so you will enjoy yourself, feel comfortable, and most of all, laugh the entire time."  

Enter in your zip code, whether you're interested in male or female friends, or both, and out pops little bios along with pictures of potential friends. What will these creative minds who develop stuff on the Internet think of next?

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