Saturday, April 21, 2012

Become a "Canopy Keeper" and Help Protect Our Neighborhood Trees

We are happy to pass along this call for volunteers to become "Canopy Keepers," helping to protect the neighborhood's trees.

Dear Neighbors,

The Cleveland Park Historical Society and DDOT are recruiting neighbors to help care for the neighborhood's trees.  We have a serious water deficit this year and young trees need your help. See the message below from the city's Chief Forester, Earl Eutsler, on how residents can sign up to become "Canopy Keepers," and note especially the link to the map of recently-planted trees.

If you would like to participate in a CPHS tree team, please email staff @ and we will put you in touch with those leading the effort.

Mr. Eustler writes:

All of the newly planted city trees will be watered twice a month this year; however, if current conditions persist, even that may not be enough to guarantee full establishment. As such, we encourage residents across the city to help these young trees survive. If residents are interested in becoming 'Canopy Keepers' we will provide them a durable, reusable watering tub device to facilitate easy and effective watering of newly planted trees. To sign up, visit Once signed up, we will deliver a watering device. A map of where trees have recently been planted is available on our website.

Carin Ruff
Project Coordinator,  Cleveland Park Historical Society 

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