Monday, April 1, 2013

Ads on Supercans Are Coming

I thought that list members would like to know about this great way we can all get a little extra money. It's clever and a win-win for residents and the District's coffers.

Here's the information from DPW about the new supercan advertising program.

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The District of Columbia will put ads on supercans and share the ad revenue with homeowners. In what's being called a triple win for the city and its residents, Washington, DC will become the first city in the nation to put ads on its supercan trash cans.

"This is a bold move, one that will bring added revenue to the District and its residents," announced Mayor Vincent Gray after the City Council passed legislation authorizing the ads. "Residents and the District will split the ad revenue for each supercan 50-50. Not only will this give our city and its citizens some extra pocket change, but colorful ads will be more attractive than plain, green cans." The mayor added, "We'll have a richer city and a more attractive city, too."

The city has already lined up several major businesses that are interested in advertising on DC supercans, including Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, Jacobson & Lewin Law Offices, Verizon, and Colt Firearms. More advertisers will be coming on board soon, according to DPW's new advertising director.

Accompanying this advertising program is a change in the law that will allow residents to leave their cans out as long as they want. Currently, residents must not put cans out much before or after their scheduled pickup time, or face a fine. "We know that residents flout this law all the time. Well, now if you have an ad on your supercan, the law doesn't apply to you." Advertisement-adorned cans can be left out 24/7.

Initially, supercan ad packages can only be purchased in groups of 1,000. Advertisers provide their own art which will cover three sides of a supercan. Once the advertising program has been operational for a while, the city hopes to open up supercan advertising to smaller purchases so that local merchants can advertise, too. The advertising program is expected to bring in $6 million during its first year of operation alone.

District homeowners can expect to earn $25/month from supercan advertising.

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