Saturday, June 6, 2015

Still Life With Robin: News for Procrastinators

Can elephants fly?
by Peggy Robin

You are hereby warned that the following news articles (with or without videos) may cause procrastination, keeping you from doing something more productive for at least four minutes. The justification for bringing you this clickbait is that by looking at this stuff you could conceivably learn something about A) panda care in Turkish zoos; B) elephant aerodynamics; C) canine intelligence; and D/E) piscine precipitation.

A)  From BBC in Turkey (no subtitles necessary): Zookeeper gives oral medicine to a pair of panda twins: 

B)  From Twitter: Dumbo is real!

C)  From the world of viral videos (that is to say, I have no idea where this one got started, but believe me, it’s spreading like a wildfire):  Dogs taught to obey the command “wait”:

D)  And from CNN: Are eels raining from the sky in Alaska?

E)  And finally, (since the above story was couched in the form of a question, leading me to Google the proposition to see if it's been documented elsewhere), here's a somewhat more substantiated case of raining fish in Australia:

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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