Saturday, November 4, 2017

Still Life with Robin: Life without DCist

Photo by Thomas S Mann
by Peggy Robin

Sad loss! – DCist, for so long the breezy blog of the young and hip around town – is no more. The owner abruptly pulled the plug two days ago. Didn’t even allow for any last-minute, fire-sale bidders who might have saved it, and saved the jobs of the writers, too. Didn’t wait to see if those same writers might be able to pull together a campaign to keep it going….a Kickstarter page….anything to give it a chance to stay alive. Just a farewell letter, and not an especially warm one at that:

Here’s what I’ll miss most:
Overheard in DC:

Listicles, always listicles….like this one, “12 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in DC”

Useful tips, such as this one from the last day of publication, “Here's Where To Bring Your Soon-To-Be Rotting Pumpkins” with specific info on where in each ward to bring your pumpkins for composting:

Updates and complaints and occasionally appreciation of the Metro system – including, most recently, this hypnotic time-lapse video”

Dish of the Week, so I could keep up with hot trends in restaurants that I’ll never visit except online)

…and ending the day with a round-up of late news under the heading, “Go Home Already”

Wish it would come back already!

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