Saturday, March 12, 2022

Still Life with Robin: Snow Be Damned - Spring IS on the Way!

by Peggy Robin 


I have 2 inches of snow on my back deck railing right now. My first few daffodils that had just a few days ago popped open are now invisible under their white blanket. I don't know how they'll fare after spending the night in 22 degree temperatures.


Driving through the neighborhood this morning, I could still see the pink blossoms of the plum trees showing through the dusting of snow. They're completely white right now.  


In one week it will be the first day of spring! 


What a strange, late winter snowstorm this is. To underscore the anomaly, I'm presenting two photos I took in my garden just two days ago:

Purple crocuses (The New York Times
Spelling Bee says they are "croci"



Two daffodils.



These flowers may not make it through this late winter storm, but if you a looking for a sign of the enduring strength of the natural world, well, take a look at this photo:


….taken by local wildlife photographer Diane Krauthamer and posted on Twitter on Friday. This bird was flying above Rock Creek Park near Peirce Mill. All I can say is “Wow.”


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