Saturday, April 1, 2023

Still Life with Robin: Say Hello to My Bloomin' Little Friend

by Peggy Robin

Not ANOTHER cherry blossom themed column! That's three in a row. Yes, and third time's the charm. three's company, three for the hat trick, three on a match, and good things come in threes!

(Just in case you'd like to see the previous two columns before moving on to round three, they're here:

This one's all about one particular little cherry tree. He has a name, and it's STUMPY! 

He's something of a local celebrity. He's been all over the media lately, but here's a tweet about him from our local NBC affiliate:
Meet Stumpy, the Little Cherry Tree That Could
A scraggly-looking tree on the southeast part of the Tidal Basin, near the Jefferson Memorial, captured the hearts 

And then click on this two-and-a-half minute news video about "the star of the show, Stumpy":

Looks like Stumpy was once a full and hearty tree -- now just not so full but definitely hardy!

Looking forward to many more years with our old friend, Stumpy -- I hope!
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