Saturday, November 11, 2023

Still Life with Robin: Still Having Fun with Gene Weingarten

 by Peggy Robin

Today's column is not really my column. Well, it part -- a small part. I'm sending you over to Gene Weingarten's Substack column, The Gene Pool.

First, a little refresher course about the author. You may recall that Gene Weingarten was the regular humor columnist in the Washington Post's Sunday Magazine. The Post shut down its Sunday Magazine about a year ago (last issue was December 25, 2022), but Gene Weingarten was fired about a year before that. The firing offense: Writing a column that made fun of Indian food. No, correct that -- he was not making fun of Indian cuisine, he was making fun of himself for his childishly limited palate and his inability to appreciate the subtleties of Indian cuisine. Seems a few of the top people at the Post didn't see that the joke was on himself....or if they saw it, they didn't like it. Out he went.

His farewell column was in the Post Sunday magazine on September 23 2021.

The Gene Pool
That wasn't the end of Gene's career. His work lives on, independently of traditional newspapers, in his own bit of cyberspace, the aforementioned Substack blog, The Gene Pool, which has no editor telling him his humor is too scatological or puerile. He readily and regularly admits that it is. I'm telling you this so that if go over there and find his writing full of stupid fart and poop jokes, you'll know you're in the right place.

But the real reason I'm telling you all this is that I'm in the most recent column:

This one covers a lot of ground. It starts off with Gene's comparison of Sam Bankman-Fried's unkempt hair and slovenly style of dress with his own messy look, then it meanders over to ranking of the Biden presidency in American history, and  pauses briefly to note something or other about his favorite football team, The NY Giants, before it finally gets to the last, long section, which is where I come in. About a week ago, Gene invited his readers to send in their anecdotes about a time they tangled with stupid bureaucracy. There are eleven stories in that section. Mine is the last. 

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