Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breaking News: Man Arrested in Metro Bomb Plot

by Lindsay Chastain

Farooque Ahmed, age 38, of Ashburn, VA, was arrested for plotting bombings in metro stations throughout the city, CNN reports. He was providing support and information with men he believed were members of al Qaeda. The Department of Justice has not yet released any additional details.

Additional information will be posted when we have it.


  1. This is a good development for everyone in the DC area, the attack was thwarted.

    This is a good development for President Obama. It show the conservative elements in the country that you don't need to be a war monger to keep the country secure.

    It is a bad development or ordinary Muslims who are trying to shake off the stereotype of western hating terrorists.

  2. Interesting timing with elections a week a way.

  3. @Anonymous 3:53: Yes, isn't it? Very convenient.

    @Anonymous 3:52: Obama isn't a warmonger? What about the escalation of Afghanistan? What about the drones in Pakistan? And we're still in Iraq.
    I don't get it.